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APPEC Technology Forum 2022

APPEC Technology Forum 2022

20/09/2022 - 21/09/2022
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APPEC invites experts from industry and academia to the APPEC Technology Forum 2022 (ATF 2022) as a continuation of a successful series of appointments in the past years. The ATF 2022 is dedicated to the subject of common interest with broad scientific and engineering communities, with a priority for “Robotics and operation at large-scale instruments in harsh environments”. The aim of the ATF 2022 meeting is uniting scientific researchers and experts from industry, research institutes, and universities dealing with the subject of the conference, which is an important aspect in many research and application areas, such as experiments in high-energy physics using colliding particle beams, space missions (including robotics) or satellites orbiting our planet, radiation therapy, robotics in medical application (including also Covid-19 era), and nuclear power reactors (including severe accident monitoring).