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Second MODE workshop on Differentiable Programming for Experiment Design

Second MODE workshop on Differentiable Programming for Experiment Design

12/09/2022 - 16/09/2022
All Day


The MODE Collaboration is organizing its Second Workshop on Differentiable Programming for Experiment Design, to be held in Kolumbari (Crete) from 12 to 16 September 2022: registration and abstract submission are open at . This is the second installment of a series the MODE Collaboration has started, with the aim of creating a community of scientists interested in, and possibly working on, the design of experiments assisted by machine learning techniques to solve optimization problems in a highly dimensional parameter space, while making the optimization process aware of the high-level physics goals and of budgetary constraints of several kinds. Automatic differentiation is a computer science technique that powers up all modern applications of gradient-based optimization problems: in the context of MODE, this allows the construction of a fully differentiable pipeline, to achieve the simultaneous optimization of all design parameters through the use of deep learning techniques.

The first installment of the workshop series has led to a white paper signed by MODE authors together with an extended community of physicists and computer scientists (, and has raised the interest of several scientific Collaborations that are facing complex design optimization problems.

The second workshop is open to contributed talks, and you are welcome to submit an abstract ( to show applications of differentiable programming to optimization design problems, or to present optimization design problems that may require or profit from differentiable programming techniques to proceed towards a solution.

You are strongly suggested to attend in person: you will be hosted in the conference venue, promoting the spirit of a scientific retreat where serendipitous conversations may lead to collaborations and scientific breakthroughs, but online attendance will be also possible.