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International school of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics (ISCRA), Erice

17th July 2019
The International school of Cosmic Ray Astrophysics (ISCRA) holds biennial courses for graduate students and young researchers that stress the...
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16th School for Astroparticle Physic

30th April 2019
From 2nd to 10th October 2019 ECAP organises the 16th edition of the international School for Astroparticle Physics for PhD...
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SENSE Detector School

28th March 2019
We are happy to announce the SENSE Detector School at the Ringberg Castle in Kreuth am Tegernsee in Bavaria, Germany,...
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International School on Gravity from Earth to Space

26th February 2019
The International School on Gravity from Earth to Space, 21-23 May, aims to bring together PhD students, Post Docs and...
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Invisibles’19 School and Workshop

5th February 2019
Invisibles'19 School: The Invisibles'19 School will take place from June 3rd to June 7th, 2019 at the Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc in Spain. Registration...
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Data Science in (Astro)Particle Physics and Cosmology: the Bridge to Industry

5th February 2019
LIP, University of Minho, IDPASC and the COST action g2net are organizing a school on Data Science in (Astro)Particle Physics and Cosmology, targeted at PhD and MSc students,...
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Particles and Cosmology: the 16th Baksan School on Astroparticle Physics

31st January 2019
The aim of the School is to cover topics in both experimental and theoretical astroparticle physics. The program of the...
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