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Theoretical PACT Workshop

15th September 2012
15 September 2012 The aim of this workshop is to analyze the recent CMB data from Planck satellite and LSS...
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European funding agencies push forward large astroparticle physics projects

22nd November 2011
22 November 2011 European funding agencies welcomed today the priorities for the future of astroparticle physics defined by the scientific...
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LAGUNA-LBNO’s design study for a European very large underground neutrino observatory is launched at CERN

18th October 2011
The kick-off meeting for the second phase of the LAGUNA’s design study starts today at CERN. The principal goal of...
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Einstein Telescope

20th May 2011
20 May 2011 Plans Shape Up for a Revolutionary New Observatory to Explore Black Holes and the Big Bang Scientists...
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From the Geosphere to the Cosmos

15th December 2010
15 December 2010 The goal of this workshop was to invite the scientific communities and the funding agencies to discuss...
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