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We look forward to and expect new exciting results in the world of astroparticle physics. Following on from the successful direct detection of gravitational waves we see a future of discoveries from the current generation of dark matter and double-beta decay experiments, continuing gravitational wave research, new advances from the high-energy neutrino and ultra-high energy cosmic ray observatories, results from the large ground and space-borne dark energy surveys, and from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to Planck, findings with implications for cosmology.

In anticipation, APPEC is

  • preparing future evaluation committees and follow-up groups,
  • assessing current budgets at the level of its constituent funding agencies,
  • promoting European Horizon 2020 programmes aiming to coordinate European underground laboratories, gravitational wave antennas,  theoretical institutions and large data centres,
  • participating in programmes of coordination with other large infrastructures of astrophysics or particle physics
  • very active in promoting coordination with non-European agencies on global scale infrastructure issues.