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The nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics communities, represented by the three committees/ consortia NuPECC, ECFA and APPEC want to join their forces not only to solve the questions on the smallest and the largest structures in nature but also to improve on diversity, working conditions and societal impact. During the first Joint ECFA – NuPECC – APPEC Seminar 2019 (JENAS) at Orsay, researchers from astroparticle, nuclear and particle physics were allowed to peek into each other’s activities.

Being informed by the presentations and discussions and with a view to further explore topical synergies between the disciplines, a call for novel Expressions-of-Interest (EoI) was issued. We seek bottom-up and community thoughts expressed in a non- binding EoI for further discussion within the APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC committees or consortia. These thoughts can revolve around potential synergies in technology, physics, organization and/or applications.

Working groups on diversity and recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations were established.

More information on the Joint ECFA – NuPECC – APPEC Activities (JENAA) can be found on the JENAA website including the following topics: