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APPEC’s objectives for astroparticle physics:

The strategic and implementation objectives of APPEC are the following:
Strategic objectives
  • Provide a discussion forum for the coordination of European Astroparticle Physics and express collective views on astroparticle physics in international fora.
  • Develop and update long term strategies (e.g. roadmap for European astroparticle physics) and participate in European scientific strategy such as the European Strategy Session of CERN Council and ESFRI.
  • Develop closer relationships with organisations involved in Astroparticle Physics research
    such as CERN, ESA, ESO.

Implementation objectives

  • Facilitate and enhance the coordination between existing or developing national activities.
  • Develop a common action plan for large astroparticle physics infrastructure based on the Roadmap for European Astroparticle Physics.
  • Facilitate the convergence of future large scale projects and/or facilities.
  • Provide organisational advice for the implementation of future large scale projects/facilities, for instance initiate and/or accompany the creation of resource
    review boards for international collaborative projects where the national funding
    agencies are involved.
  • Initiate and guide activities funded by the European Commission (ERA-NET, IA, Prep-
  • Launch common actions including common calls funded by a virtual common pot.