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The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the strategic, decision-making, and supervisory body of APPEC. It is responsible for the general policy and the procedures of APPEC. Representatives of the General Assembly are appointed by their participating institution. The representatives are in general the directors of major astroparticle physics institutes or agencies, or managers of major national astroparticle physics programmes.

The Chairman of the General Assembly is elected by the General Assembly for two years. He is “supra partes” and thus has no right to vote.

The Chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Committee and the General Secretary are often invited to attend meetings of the General Assembly without voting rights. Legal entities having acquired observer status attend the meeting of the General Assembly without voting rights.

The General Assembly meetings are organised on average twice a year.

Here are the current members of the General Assembly:

Name Institution Country
Teresa Montaruli (GA Chair) Unige Switzerland
Christian Stegmann (Deputy Chair) DESY Germany
Job de Kleuver (General Secretary) NWO Netherlands
Catherine De Clercq FWO Belgium
Laurent Favart FNRS Belgium
Ivan Stekl IEAP-CTU Czech Republic
Katri Huitu HIP Finland
Anne-Isabelle Etienvre CEA France
Berrie Giebels CNRS IN2P3 France
Andreas Haungs KIT Germany
Uli Katz KAT Germany
Manolis Plionis NOA Greece
Peter Forgacs MTA Hungary
Antonio Zoccoli INFN Italy
Stan Bentvelsen Nikhef The Netherlands
Michiel van den Hout NWO The Netherlands
Leszek Roszkowski CAMK Poland
Mario Pimenta LIP Portugal
Nicolae Marius Marginean IFIN-HH Romania
Victor Matveev JINR Russia
Maria Garcia Borge IFAE Spain
Antonio Bueno University of Granada Spain
Lars Bergström VR Sweden
Xin Wu SNF Switzerland
Thomas Werder SNSF Switzerland
Jenny Hiscock/Graham Blair STFC UK

Standing Invitation Institution
Sijbrand de Jong (SAC Chair) SAC
Gianfranco Bertone EuCAPT

Observers Institution
Colin Vincent ASTRONET
Eckard Elsen CERN
Jorgen d’Hondt ECFA
Marek Lewitowicz NuPECC
Andy Williams ESO
Tihomir Suric CSF/HRZZ, Croatia