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The Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) examines and reports on issues of strategic scientific importance. It can also propose programmes or projects for adoption as activities of APPEC. The Chairperson of the SAC is nominated for two years by the General Assembly among its members. The SAC meeting is organised at least once a year.

The SAC members are:

Name Topic
Laura Baudis (chair) Dark Matter
Jocelyn Monroe (vice chair) Dark Matter
Marica Branchesi Gravitational Waves
Paula Chadwick High Energy Photons
Karsten Danzmann Gravitational Waves
Chad Finley Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos
Ken Ganga Cosmology CMB
Maarten de Jong Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos
Sijbrand de Jong Cosmic Rays
Ofer Lahav Dark Energy
Manfred Lindner Theory
Marco Pallavicini Neutrino Properties
Silvia Pascoli Neutrino Properties
Sergey Troitsky Theory
Licia Verde Cosmology CMB
Christian Weinheimer Neutrino Mass