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Pinning-Down the Sources of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays

9th October 2020
The Pierre Auger Collaboration has reported a measurement of the spectrum of cosmic-rays above 2.5 x 1018 eV made with...
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An update on the new Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy

4th September 2020
Work has continued to develop a new, combined Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap, looking at the next 20 years of...
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Virgo and LIGO unveil new and unexpected black hole populations

4th September 2020
Virgo and LIGO have announced the detection of an extraordinarily massive merging binary system: two black holes of 66 and...
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Assembling the XENONnT Dark Matter Detector during Covid-19 Times

28th July 2020
The nature of dark matter (DM), an invisible substance which constitutes 85% of matter in the observable universe, is one...
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CUPID-Mo: a new world leading limit for neutrinoless double beta decay of 100Mo

16th July 2020
Neutrinoless double beta decay (0νββ) is a crucial process in particle physics and cosmology. It can be conceived as an...
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CTA Prototype LST-1 Detects Very High-Energy Emission from the Crab Pulsar

15th July 2020
Between January and February 2020, the prototype Large-Sized Telescope (LST), the LST-1, observed the Crab Pulsar, the neutron star at...
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Virgo and LIGO spot a mystery object merging with a black hole

15th July 2020
When the most massive stars die, they collapse under their own gravity and leave behind black holes; when stars that...
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New Chair and Vice-Chair for the APPEC Scientific Advisory Committee

13th July 2020
During the last meeting of the General Assembly a new Chair and Vice-Chair for the Scientific Advisory Committee have been...
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Borexino performs the first detection ever of CNO cycle neutrinos from the Sun

8th July 2020
At the recent Neutrino 2020 virtual meeting the Borexino Collaboration has announced the first detection ever of neutrinos from the...
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Observation of Excess Events in the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment

1st July 2020
Scientists from the international XENON collaboration announced on June 17th that data from their XENON1T, the world's most sensitive dark...
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Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics

23rd June 2020
  APPEC congratulates the CERN Council for its decision to update the European Strategy for Particle Physics setting up a...
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APPEC welcomes Poland as new member

26th May 2020
In April 2020 the previous observer Poland became an official member of APPEC. In the General Assembly they are represented...
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QUBIC – a Q&U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology

15th May 2020
The quest for B-mode polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is one of the major challenges of observational cosmology....
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Astroparticle Physics in times of Corona

14th May 2020
For several weeks now our everyday life has been quite disrupted by the novel corona virus. We all have to...
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Snowmass 2021 process

4th May 2020
In the U.S., the Snowmass 2021 process will take place over the next year. Organized by the Division of Particles...
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A New Milestone in the Construction of the Cubic Kilometer Baikal-GVD Deep Underwater Neutrino Telescope

28th April 2020
From February 17 to April 10, two new clusters of optical modules were installed, the sixth and the seventh, at...
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The MVM Project, from Dark Matter Research to Mechanical Ventilator

27th April 2020
The rapid spread of COVID-19 has shown a scarcity of ventilators compared to the number of patients. Thus, on the...
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Report on the 1st EuCAPT census

14th February 2020
The European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT) invited all scientists (PhD students, postdocs, and staff) affiliated to a European institution,...
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APPEC SAC sub-committee to prepare report on Direct Detection of Dark Matter

11th February 2020
Over the past year, the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) received mandate from the General Assembly to form a Dark Matter...
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KM3NeT/ORCA Phase 1 detector completed

7th February 2020
In January 2020 Phase 1 of the KM3NeT-France construction was successfully completed. About one year after the deployment of the...
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