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Very first measurements of GRBs from ground – a breakthrough in high-energy gamma-ray observations

20th December 2019
Interview with Razmik Mirzoyan and Stefan Wagner on their successful measurements of GRBs with MAGIC and H.E.S.S. On 14 January...
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The novel LiquidO Technology

16th December 2019
Interview with Anatael Cabrera on the development of an opaque scintillator. In this issue we would like to give Anatael...
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First results of KATRIN – limit on the neutrino mass

26th September 2019
Interview with Christian Weinheimer on the recent publication of the first KATRIN results The long awaited science run at KATRIN...
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Strategy for the future of neutrinoless double beta decay

26th July 2019
Interview with Silvia Pascoli about the upcoming meeting and the roadmap on neutrinoless double beta decay One of the recommendations...
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KM3NeT is growing – Recent deployment in the Mediterranean Sea

23rd July 2019
Interview with Paschal Coyle on the recent deployment campaign for KM3NeT During the last month Paschal Coyle and his colleagues...
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