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An update on the new Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy

Work has continued to develop a new, combined Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap, looking at the next 20 years of European astronomy, building upon the previous versions & updates delivered by Astronet (Science Vision, Infrastructure Roadmap). It is planned to publish this in early 2021.

Astronet is a self-funded, consortium of European funding bodies and associates, established for the purpose of providing advice on long-term planning and development of European Astronomy. Its members include most of the major European astronomy nations, with associated links to the European Space Agency, the European Southern Observatory, the Square Kilometre Array and the European Astronomical Society, among others. Astronet is keeping APPEC, and other bodies representing the full breadth of astronomical research, informed.

The purpose of the Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap is to deliver a coordinated vision for the next 20 years, covering the entire breadth of astronomical research, from the origin and early development of the Universe to our own solar system and all associated research facilities and techniques.

Working groups, each with around 8 members from a range of countries, gender and career status, have been established and tasked with developing the Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap.

These are organised around the research themes

  • Origin and Evolution of the Universe

  • Formation and evolution of galaxies

  • Formation & Evolution of Stars

  • Formation & Evolution of Planetary Systems

  • Understanding the solar system and conditions for life

but will include other cross-cutting aspects such as computing and training and interdisciplinary studies.

Representatives from each Panel have a monthly catch up via zoom to update each other on how their work is progressing. Astronet will be seeking input from the community and from associated areas, such as particle astrophysics, in the coming months. Updated information will continue to be posted on the Astronet website.

Astronet provided an update of the project at the European Astronomical Society annual meeting in July . The talks from the plenary sessions are online on YouTube and the talk from V. Colin on A new Science Vision & Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy is available here.


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