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Einstein Telescope collaboration formed

The 9th Einstein Telescope (ET) Symposium took place on 19-20th April, 2018 at the European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) in Cascina, Italy. Key members of APPEC were among the more than 100 participants that attended.

During the meeting, a Letter of Intent declaring the foundation of the Einstein Telescope Collaboration was signed, declaring support for the establishment of ET and its scientific goals, and officially marking the formation of the collaboration.

Birth of the ET-collaboration in Cascina

APPEC’s General Secretary, Job de Kleuver, said after the event, “Today at EGO-VIRGO we celebrate the birth of the Einstein Telescope collaboration. Exciting prospects for third generation gravitational wave detection and multi-messenger astronomy – two of the big priorities identified in the latest European astroparticle physics strategy.”

The full letter of intent is available:

As of July 1 almost 600 scientists have signed the letter of Intent.