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eRImote ( is a Horizon Europe funded project that aims to improve remote and digital access to research infrastructure (RI) services in a cross-domain manner.

The project will collect good practices on remote access to RIs from different communities and gather them in an publicly available information platform. It will also develop policy recommendations on the advantages and challenges of remote access. The ambition is to reduce the CO2- footprint of RIs and increase access inclusiveness as a result.

To achieve its objectives, a variety of different stakeholders and representatives will be involved in workshops and expert groups organized by the eRImote consortium to gather information on remote and digital access strategies at RIs. In 2023, five expert groups will bring together people with expertise in the field of remote access to serve as a platform for sharing experiences as well as for the collection of data on solutions and bottlenecks for remote access in the different scientific domains. More information on the expert groups in the eRImote project and a registration link for interested experts is available on the website.

To learn more about eRImote and the activities visit the eRImote website or follow on Twitter or LinkedIn. For further questions, please feel free to contact .