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General Assembly Meeting Granada May 2019

After the Particle Physics Strategy Meeting  the APPEC General Assembly came together in Granada for a regular meeting on 16/17 May 2019.

Job de Kleuver and Katri Huitu signing the APPEC MoU.
The General Assembly 2019.

During this event we had the pleasure to welcome Katri Huitu from HIP (Helsinki Institute for Physics) who is now representing Finland in the GA.

In addition to reports on past and planned events and activities of the Joint Secretariat the future structure of a more sustainable APPEC was discussed and all agreed that the Astroparticle Physics Community would benefit from a stronger APPEC.

To achieve closer cooperation within the community, it was recommended to organise regular Town Meetings to establish a common strategy for the future.

With the EPPSU event in mind, there have been subsequent discussions on synergies between Particle and Astroparticle Physics and how both communities can work together and benefit from each other in the future. More details can be found here.

In this context also joint activities with APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC, like the Joint Seminar JENAS were presented and Federica Petricca was nominated as a new APPEC representative for the ECFA Detector Panel.

Not only were the discussions very successful, but everyone was also very happy about the organisation, for which we would like to thanks Antonio Bueno.