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HAP Dark Matter 2015:From Astronomical Observations to Astroparticle Theory

9 July 2015

HAP Dark Matter 2015

Joint workshop Astroparticle Theory and Dark Universe

21-23 September 2015, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

This meeting follows the HAP DM 2013 meeting, addressing recent results and developments in Dark Matter search. The workshop will be organised along plenary overview talks by senior scientists, with the additional possibility for young researchers to present their work in short presentations.

HAP DM 2015 will have overview talks on the following topics:

  1. CMB and its impact on DM: Planck results focussing on consequences for WIMP DM
  2. CDM vs. WDM scenarios: N-body simulations with LCDM parameters: general overview and special results on dwarf galaxies; Simulations of galactic structures with warm DM; Astrophysical observations of dwarf galaxies/ dwarf galaxy surveys; Searches for DM annihilation in dwarf galaxies; Production of Sterile Neutrino dark matter; Observation of a 3.5keV line from X-ray observations of galaxy clusters – evidence for sterile neutrinos?
  3. WIMP models and (laboratory) searches: WIMP interactions in EFT and simplified models; LHC DM search: results and perspectives; Asymmetric Dark Matter; Two-Component Dark Matter; SUSY NMSSM WIMPs; Direct searches for WIMPs, challenges & perspectives with liquid noble gas detectors; Direct searches for WIMPs, challenges & perspectives with cryogenic bolometers
  4. Axions, ALPs and dark photons: Phenomenology of dark photons and ALPs; The experimental search for axions and ALPs
  5. Indirect DM searches: Modelling of astrophysical foreground; Update on Fermi-LAT & the case for a 1-3 GeV excess in GC data; Positron excess, the search for nuclei and prospects with AMS-02; Searching for a neutrino signal from DM annihilation in IceCube and SuperK

Program Committee:

Gisela Anton (ECAP Erlangen), Klaus Eitel (KIT), Iris Gebauer (KIT), Josef Jochum (Kepler Center Tübingen), Michael Klasen (WWU Münster), Lutz Köpke (JGU Mainz), Marek Kowalski (HU Berlin, DESY Zeuthen), Gernot Maier (DESY Zeuthen), Uwe Oberlack (JGU Mainz), Martin Pohl (U Potsdam, DESY Zeuthen), Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (KIT), Günter Sigl (U Hamburg), Christopher Wiebusch (RWTH Aachen)

Local Organisation:

Klaus Eitel, Marie-Christine Kauffmann, Thomas Schwetz-Mangold