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HEP Software Foundation meeting @ JENAS

The High Energy Physics Software Foundation ( is a community that intends to facilitate cooperation and common effort in software and computing internationally. In this context, a first discussion after the JENAS meeting is being organized to discuss common grounds on software challenges across the different communities of particle physics, astrophysics, neutrino physics and nuclear physics.
The meeting will be at LAL and on Vidyo on the afternoon of Wednesday October 16 at LAL, at 16:00-17:30, with agenda and videoconference coordinates here:
The discussion will start with a short introduction from Graeme Stewart, the coordinator of the HEP Software Foundation, presenting what the HEP Software Foundation is and what it facilitated so far. Then there will be contributions from the astrophysics, neutrino physics and nuclear physics communities, with time for discussion. This meeting is a first step to start a discussion on possible areas of collaboration in topics from software event selection and reconstruction all the way to data analysis that can continue in future occasions.