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In memory of Berrie Giebels

Dear Berrie,

It is with great sadness that we have received the news that you have left us far too soon. With your calm and empathetic manner and your broad expertise in the entire field of research, you made an important contribution to APPEC. In particular, as CNRS representative in APPEC, you were co-responsible for the elaboration and creation of the “European Strategy for Astroparticle Physics 2017-2026” for several years. Until recently, you were also APPEC’s contact person for the US Snowmass and P5 strategy process. Only recently we contacted you to give an update on this process at our meeting, and only a few days later we received the news of your death, which filled us with great sadness.

APPEC and the astroparticle physics community owe you a lot and we always felt very comfortable in your presence. We will miss you.

Andreas Haungs and Katharina Henjes-Kunst for APPEC