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ISAPP Florence School on Gravitational Waves

— CANCELLED/POSTPONED, please check the website of the event for further information —

The ISAPP School on gravitational waves will take place from May 19th to May 30th at the Villa Finaly, Florence.

The science of gravitational waves is becoming an essential part of the scientific education of PhD students in the field of astroparticle physics. This school offers a general overview of the different aspects of this science: a theoretical introduction on gravitational waves and their astrophysical sources, a course on detectors, and finally an overview of data analysis techniques and the scientific implications of the first detections. Future perspectives, covering the instruments and associated science, will also be discussed.

The school will take place in Villa Finaly, an historical place belonging to the Paris Universities. This quiet location, offers the possibility of in-depth discussions among students and between students and teachers, who are encouraged to stay as much as possible.

Lectures will take place in the morning and early afternoon. Then Q/A sessions or time for projects development are allocated in the afternoon. Projects (for example, analysis of LIGO and Virgo data) will be developed in groups, with a kick-off at the beginning of the school and a final presentation at the end of the school.

In the evening, informal meetings are planned on broader themes, such as the challenges of open data, the management of a large science project, and how to perform high quality science outreach.

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