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JENAS: astroparticle, nuclear and particle physicists meet

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The first JENAS, Joint ECFA (European Committee for Future Accelerators)-NuPECC (Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee)-APPEC (AstroParticle Physics European Consortium) Seminar, attracted 230 participants resulting in a full auditorium at the Laboratoire de l’Accélérateur Linéaire (LAL) in Orsay. Beyond the regular information exchange across the three European committees, the importance is recognized to reinforce their interdisciplinary links. For three days senior and junior members of the astroparticle, nuclear and particle physics communities presented their overlapping challenges. Together they have a strong aspiration to explore nature with a view to understand both the smallest and the largest structures. On the technology front they seek to make visible the invisible at these extremes, and these successes are transformed into opportunities at the human scale for amongst others health, energy and safety. Readout electronics, Silicon Photomultipliers, Big Data computing and Artificial Intelligence for analysis are only some examples of developments essential for our research. Related to the quest of unravelling new insights in fundamental physics, coverage is required from all three fields in order to address the dark matter problem, the neutrino sector and the physics with gravitational waves. In presentations on organizational matters related to education, outreach, open science and software as well as careers, synergies are clearly identifiable. At the occasion of this meeting a Diversity Charter has been launched by APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC. From a survey among the seminar participants the diversity aspects will be analyzed together with those from other conferences and events organized by the three communities.

Marek Lewitowicz (NuPECC), Jorgen D’Hondt (ECFA) and Teresa Montaruli (APPEC)

The JENAS2019 event, which was jointly organized by LAL-Orsay, IPN-Orsay, CSNSM-Orsay, IRFU-Saclay and LPNHE-Paris, allowed astroparticle, nuclear and particle physics researchers to sniffle into each other’s activities. The identified challenges can transform via joint programs into opportunities to deepen our understanding of physics. Being informed by the presentations and discussions and with a view to further explore topical synergies between the disciplines, in the closing remarks a call has been issued for novel Expressions-of-Interest. Bottom-up and community thoughts can be submitted to the chairs of the three committees/consortia for further discussion within APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC. Thoughts revolving around potential synergies in technology, physics, organization and/or applications are welcome. The letters should elaborate on the synergy topic, the objectives, the initial thoughts and the potential communities involved. These letters are not the end of the process, but potentially the start of further communications on the expressed interest. APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC will discuss and propose actions to pursue your thoughts with a view to the next JENAS event in two years.

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