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Search for a diffuse neutrino emission from the Milky-Way with the ANTARES experiment

The twelve detector lines have subsequently been recovered during two campaigns in May and June 2022. First the anchor of a line is hissed onboard the Castor 02 vessel (left) leaving the other line elements floating on the sea surface (right).
Credits: ANTARES

ANTARES took its last data on February 2022 and since then it has been completely dismantled, but the research, publications, and data releases are still ongoing.
Recently, the latest ANTARES data samples from the track-like and shower-like events induced by different neutrino interactions were used to test several models that predict the neutrino flux produced from the interaction of cosmic rays with atomic and molecular gas in the Milky-Way.
The results of the search for a diffuse neutrino emission from the Galaxy with a likelihood method using the latest ANTARES data available were presented at the ICRC 2023 conference and the paper can be found in the Proceedings of Science, with the final conclusion that a combination of the ANTARES data with data from other experiments like
KM3NeT and IceCube would strengthen even more the evidence for the existence of neutrino flux coming from the Galactic Plane.


You can also find more information about ANTARES telescope on its brand new website