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The MVM Project, from Dark Matter Research to Mechanical Ventilator


A prototype unit in its final configuration at Elemaster.
Credits: MVM Collaboration


The first five pre-prototype units at Elemaster. Credits: MVM Collaboration

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has shown a scarcity of ventilators compared to the number of patients. Thus, on the initiative of Cristian Galbiati (GSSI and Princeton University) with Art McDonald (Queen’s University), the MVM Milano Mechanical Ventilator project has been launched. MVM is an innovative device for assisted breathing, based on an open access design, and widely available components for its easy large-scale production. MVM was born within the collaboration of GADM (Global Argon Dark Matter), engaged in experiments on dark matter at the INFN’s Gran Sasso Laboratories in Italy, and SNOLAB in Canada. The expertise in  sophisticated experimental apparatuses for research in astroparticle physics has allowed the development in the field of complex control systems of gases, similar to those used in lung ventilators.The project has the support of groups from universities and research institutes in Europe, Canada and USA. Bringing the MVM ventilator to patients requires a collaboration that goes beyond the field of particle physics. Thus, scientists , clinicians and companies such as Elemaster collaborate on the project. Members of the MVM International Collaboration have activated a crowdfunding campaign.

A. Varaschin for the MVM project

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