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Towards the European Coordination of the CMB Programme

22 July 2015

Towards the European Coordination of the CMB Program

August 31-September 1, 2015 – Florence, Italy

The ESA mission Planck has set a very high standard in European research on the cosmological microwave background delivering the definitive map of temperature fluctuations. These measurements together with other measurements, e.g. the discovery of Higgs at LHC nurture the hope of a fundamental theory addressing the formation of the Universe at all scales from the smallest to the largest.

Furthermore, Planck together with other CMB measurements on ground and large surveys using telescopes opened the possibility of new breakthroughs in the CMB domain, including the mapping of the B-polarisation. This will give access to the parameters of inflation and the neutrino mass, the correlation of CMB with large scale structures as well as the distortions of the blackbody spectrum, opening access to phase transitions and other events before recombination.

It is currently believed that the next space mission will happen at the earliest in the late twenties-early thirties and it should be planned with the same ambition that determined the design of Planck, that is: give definitive measurements. Till then the European CMB community needs to develop both intermediate measurements on ground or using balloons and the technology that would permit ultimate sensitivities.

APPEC and ASTRONET organize the meeting “Towards the European Coordination of the CMB programme” in August 31-September 1, 2015 in Florence. The meeting will gather both principal investigators and agency representatives attempting to set the conditions and chart the first steps towards European coordination on the ground and sub-orbital missions, review and prepare future collaboration in the detector side, discuss similar efforts in other parts of the world, prepare the proposals to future mission calls of ESA.