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Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics

APPEC congratulates the CERN Council for its decision to update the European Strategy for Particle Physics setting up a vision for the future of particle physics, a process that was inclusive of the full Particle and Astroparticle Physics communities.  The general considerations of the 2020 update acknowledge the importance of the rich and complementary physics programs of neighbouring fields, and in particular acknowledge:
  • the groundbreaking discovery of gravitational waves which occurred since last strategy update in 2013 and has contributed burgeoning multi-messenger observations of the universe;
  • that dark matter and flavor puzzles are outstanding mysteries. They require synergy with cosmological and astronomical observations and experiments looking for direct interactions of dark matter or axions and in the neutrino sector, with neutrinoless double beta decay experiments also having potential to reveal violation of the global lepton number;
  • that neutrinos are a fascinating portal towards Physics beyond the Standard Model, which can be addressed by accelerator, reactor, atmospheric neutrino, as well as cosmic neutrino and cosmic ray experiments;
  • the importance of synergy on theory, which concretized in the creation of the EuCAPT Astroparticle theory centre, with its first hub located at CERN;
  • that the Recognised Experiment program needs to be expanded for some cases into specific agreements on technical and scientific cooperation in fields, such as gravitational waves and dark matter,  which can strongly advance the field of Particle and Astroparticle Physics, as well as innovation;
  • the coordinated activities in Astroparticle Physics by APPEC.
We look forward for the years to come and work together on the realization of these many synergies between Particle Physics and Astroparticle Physics to address the hiding secrets of fundamental physics laws in the tiny nooks of space and time.
Teresa Montaruli, Chair
Job de Kleuver, General Secretary

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