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An Update on Astronet Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for European Astronomy 

Astronet is working on the next Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap. The first drafts from the different working panels will be available from January 2021 on the Astronet website. At the time of publishing, we will endeavour to notify all communities via relevant mailing lists in individual countries and consortiums. Comments, feedback or questions from the Astroparticle physics community within APPEC are valuable and helpful in finalising this report. We are also looking to hold a town hall type event in the early part of 2021 to update the community and address any issues which have been raised.

The Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap revolves around the research themes listed below:

  • Origin and evolution of the Universe
  • Formation and evolution of Galaxies
  • Formation and evolution of Stars
  • Formation and evolution of Planetary Systems
  • Understanding the Solar System and conditions for Life

and cross-cutting themes

  • Societal aspects – education, public engagement climate action, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Computing – big data, high performance computing, data infrastructure

Astronet is a consortium of European funding agencies, established for the purpose of providing advice on long-term planning and development of European Astronomy. Setup in 2005, its members include most of the major European astronomy nations, with associated links to the European Space Agency, the European Southern Observatory, APPEC and the European Astronomical Society, among others. The purpose of the Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap is to deliver a coordinated vision covering the entire breadth of astronomical research, from the origin and early development of the Universe to our own Solar System.

The first European Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for Astronomy was created by Astronet, using EU funds, in 2007/08, and updated in 2013/14. Astronet is now producing a single document encompassing both the science vision and infrastructure roadmap with an outlook for the next 20 years. A delivery date to European funding agencies of early 2021 is anticipated.

Please see the Astronet website for further information.


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