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XVIII International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes

Last week the International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes took place in Venice, Italy. The focus of the workshop was Multimessenger Physics. Matching the topic of the conference the chair of the APPEC General Assembly Teresa Montaruli gave a talk on Multimessenger Physics and the APPEC strategy.

In the end a round table, moderated by T. Montaruli, with F. Halzen and C. Rubbia on Perspectives and Challenges of Multimessenger Astrophysics took place. F. Halzen discussed Multimessenger in connection to particle physics and the future of neutrino astronomy was discussed by A. Karle. The question was raised how APPEC will support the R&D: by increasing synergy of Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Neutrino Double Beta Decay experiments and involving CERN, Technology Fora and ECFA Panel.

All talks are available from the workshop website: