astroparticle Join interdisciplinary meeting on contested astrophysics: @Luke_Drury @IrishResearch
astroparticle @AstroKatie it is far it is true. But we look forward to sharing the new roadmap with everyone.
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astroparticle RT @uw_icecube: Join the IceCube group at ECAP @UniFAU. They are accepting applications for postdocs:
astroparticle RT @ego_virgo: Another optics suspended: proud to introduce you the "Signal Recycling Mirror" @LIGO #advirgo #beyondvirgo
astroparticle Registration is open for the NEON observing school taking place in Greece in June - details here:
astroparticle RT @symmetrymag: Dark matter or not dark matter? That is the question.
astroparticle RT @CERN: High-school students @thescript want you to enter "beamline for schools" now read more
astroparticle RT @lbaudis: A few days ago, we started to fill the XENON1T water tank; xenon filling will soon follow